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System Requirement for The Ember Saga: A New Fire Download For PC


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Key Features

    *Unique dialogue for each quest, with a robust main story line! You will encounter quests with choices that will directly affect the outcome. Unique character development and interpersonal relationships between the main characters and locals in the world!
    *A large land to explore with hidden mysteries and unique locals. Discover long-lost tribes and magical crypts. Battle at the mountains or explore the city. Uncover lore that goes back thousands of years. Discover what has been hidden away from society for generations or return an ancient relic to a family who has forgotten their past.
    *Unique character and creature art! All custom drawn by our art team. Over 250 creatures and even more characters. Unique art styles that are created with passion and that have a connection with each character and creature.
    *Morality Quests, Bounty Quests, Mystery Quests, Class Quests, Title Quests, puzzles and more! Engaging, thought-provoking dialogue against the backdrop of a fun and humorous narrative!
    *A unique, customizable skill system with specialties for each class and the ability for combining scrolls to create new spells! Over 100 skills, spells, and combat forms!

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