My Free Farm Free Download

My Free Farm Free Download: You’ve never seen a farm like this! You can breed massive monster fruits, raise super animals, and organize cow races. Tend to your fields and sell your farm-fresh product. Experience the most expansive farm game of all time – play now!

Title: My Free Farm
Genre: Casual, Free to Play, Simulation
Developer: upjers
Publisher: upjers
Release Date: 26 Aug, 2019

A Farm Game of Superlative Proportions

Breathe in the fresh country air in My Free Farm! The fields are alive with crops you can water and later harvest. There’s never a dull moment as you discover and unlock various specialty farms, such as the tree nursery, a farmer’s market with a myriad of flowers and even a mountain farm high up above the valley.

Declare animals as super animals to ramp up their potential in special events, and grow enormous fruit on the monster fruit farm in this riveting tycoon game. Head on over to Mootown and explore this entertaining farm simulation.

Don’t Be Scared of the Competition

The smartest farmer has the biggest potatoes in Mootown – after all, this farm game is an ingenious business simulation. You can trade goods with other players to sell them to customers. Regular competitions add another yet another exciting facet to the game. Farmers’ clubs allow you to band together with other players and compete for shiny trophies for your club.

The sheer variety of features in this captivating farm simulation will leave you speechless:

Seasonal events with valuable rewards
An astonishing variety of field crops, trees, flowers and animals in different areas
Guild and friendship features
Refine products and establish extensive production chains
Special features such as the veterinarian, animal nursery, monster fruit farm, butterfly house, and cow racing barn
Ever-changing challenges in the picnic area and forestry
Countless farm expansions including pony riding, a biofuel plant, vehicle hall, and hiking trips
Decorations for your farm and farmhouse
Collectibles for your shadowbox and lovingly animated collectible sheep
Two towns with quirky characters, where goods can be used and traded
Over 1500 quests in 12 quest series!

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