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CONTINGENCY Free Download PC Game: Surviving is the least of your worries. After your cargo ship crashes on a foreign planet, not only will you have to find a way to eat, you’ll have to survive the terrors of your fear and stress. Roguelite platforming gameplay will keep you frequently choosing weapon and suit upgrades to best defeat your many demons.

Game Info!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Matthew Prater
Publisher: Matthew Prater
Release Date: 26 Aug 2019

About This Game

CONTINGENCY PC Game Free Download: Hello, my name is Wordsworth and I narrate this game. This rogue-like is full of great, fast-paced action strategy and horrible, stomach quivering smells. You might pee green for a while. You’ll start playing to see what can happen but you’ll keep coming back to hear me talk about it all. The tale I have for you is of a heroic, although pungent lad who crash lands on a foreign planet while on a cargo mission through deep space. He needs your help to survive until his rescue ship arrives. Finding food will be the simple part because of the stress of surviving alone manifests as hallucinations of deadly demons. You’ll need to help the lad deal with his past to overcome his demons and get home.

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